Homestead Life : Simplified

Homestead Life : Simplified

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We are a small family in the northern Ozarks who are on a journey to make our lives and our homestead more simple.  As with any journey, we aren’t there yet, but every day we strive to get a little further.

Homestead Life : Simplified

I am all about finding unconventional ways to do things that make tasks on the homestead easier and more efficient, but the Homestead Life: Simplified has more than one meaning.  In much of today’s society, there are many who have gotten lost on their journey and have complicated their lives to the extent that they no longer enjoy them.  We want to enjoy life, and would like to help you enjoy yours also.

Where are you on your journey?  Are you just looking to have a more simple life?  Or are you wanting to start a homestead journey of your own but aren’t sure where to begin?  Feel free to ask questions, get in touch with us, comment on pages, and check us out on social media.  I love meeting new people and finding out what works for them and how they have navigated their own adventures.


You are invited to join us as we learn, make mistakes, and share some tips that may make your journey easier.

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